Friday, June 1, 2007

Sheep Farm by Dan Devine at Art/Omi 2007

Sheep Farm is a living, self-sustaining installation. It will officially open on June 16th 2007 at The Fields Sculpture Park at the Art/Omi International Arts Center, in Ghent, Columbia County, New York. The reception is 4-6. Please come if you can.

Sheep Farm is a continually evolving artwork. It will be both a living artwork and a studio in which new ideas will develop. It will be a stage for for new projects. As first presented there will be five Rambouillet sheep.

Sheep Farm will address the meaning of Local. Most of the materials to contruct the fencing and building come from a 25 mile radius. While this aspect is to help create a starting point for thinking locally, Local as a concept provides a form for understanding and managing our community and environment. When we have direct connections to our food, consumer products, environmental and govermental agencies, we have the ability to direct their outcome. In global economies this ability is often overpowered by unknown sources with remote agendas. In most cases our ability to evaluate products is limited to bottom-line price.

Because Sheep Farm is live I've chosen to address its many issues in blog format. Most sculptures are frozen moments in an artists development and lend themselves well to hard publications and website format. I intend to continually bring new aspects of this sculpture in upcoming blogs that will address issues of biotechnology, military applications of research and questionable commercial practices. There is so much that sheep don't know.

The blog format allows for a nearly living dialog and I look forward to your blogs and the life it
will produce.

I thank The Fields Sculpture Park, Hofstra University for research funds, Skyview Fencing and Ghent Wood Products in Ghent, NY for helping to make this artwork possible.

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