Sunday, June 24, 2007

Military jets impact sheep population

In a report to the U.S. Department of Air Force, military training overflights in Alaska have proven to have serious impact on that region's sheep. The report lists ruptured ear-drums, deafness, physiological responses, interference with reproduction and reduced ability to obtain food, water and cover among the changes caused by these overflights. Longer term effects are declines in population, habitat abandonment and, potentially, species extinction.
This study concerns the two species known as Dall's Sheep and Stone's Sheep. They are found only in Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories and British Columbia, Canada. When driven from their natural habitat by noise from fighter jets, they may not survive.
Its plaudible for the Air Force to be concerned about the effects on the sheep, but are there other uses for this research? Can this aid in the developement of psychological weaponry? Do we have adequate information regarding this? Will we be treated as sheep? What do you know and how do you feel about it?

To view the full report on line, search the key words sheep-alaska-military.

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