Friday, June 15, 2007

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Sheep Farm or There Is Much Sheep Don't Know

By Dan Devine

Sheep Farm is a living, self-sustaining installation exploring the issues of local production,biotechnology, military applications of research and questionable commercial practices. It begins here with five Rambouillet sheep and shed enclosed in an electric fence with all the accoutrement's and activities of a working farm. It will continue to develop and function as a living artwork and a studio in which new ideas will develop.

Sheep Farm addresses the meaning of local. Most of the materials to construct the piece come from a 25 mile radius, including the sheep which were born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. While this aspect is to help create a starting point for thinking locally, local as a concept provides a form for understanding and managing our community and environment. When was this land last farmed? What does it mean that we now mow the the fields? When will the sheep be shorn ? Will lambs be born? Who brings them water and hay and provides health care? This piece invites simple questioning which opens up the area for big thinking. When we have direct access to the source of products, we gain the ability to direct outcomes. In global economies this ability is often overpowered by unknown sources with remote agendas. There is much that sheep don't know.

Most sculptures are frozen moments that lend themselves well to hard publication and web-site format. This is a piece in motion and is best suited to the blog format which continues to evolve and invites the participation of many. Please join the living document at: dandevineart.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Harry said...

So do the sheep know what the meaning of local is yet?

Dan Devine Art said...

Hi Harry,
As a human, I have little or no idea what sheep know or how they view their flock or surroundings. As far as I can observe, food, being together and having shelter from rain, sun and cold wind are important. I think we are the ones that need a better understanding of the workings of the global world we've created. From all appearances, sheep just go along.