Thursday, May 27, 2010

Expansion in Spring 2010

Sheep Farm has expanded. It is now on it's own parcel and is a satellite of The Fields Sculpture Park. Starting in 2007 Sheep Farm had been located in the western area of the park grounds. During the past year a new piece of land has been developed for this environmental installation. The new location is about 1/4 mile from the park lands. There is a roadside viewing area.
To see Sheep Farm walk or drive to the right along the road in front of the Visitor's Center (County 22), turn left at the next road (Talarico Rd.). Sheep Farm will on the left at the corner of Spook Rock Rd.
Literature, directions and a map are available at The Fields Sculpture Park in the Visitor's Center.

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madbeemer said...

"Its" own parcel, not "It's".
Also, Visitors' (or Visitors) Center, not Visitor's, as the center is for more than one visitor.

The apostrophe is a difficult thing for most people, and I'm here to help.
Thank you.